When you need a quote from Sleipner check the bigger picture first with our BenefitMax service.

Also available as an iPad app, this not only calculates how much time and money can actually be saved, but sets it out clearly for all to see.

Benefit team

Our benefit team is then at hand to go into the finer details - to discuss your fleet’s particular operational needs in each country, and to ensure the best return on your investment. Sleipner can also offer additional services.


WarrantyPLUS allows you to extend the standard one-year Sleipner warranty for up to five years. 

Advanced training

Advanced training is offered, on top of the basic in-house training with every Sleipner deal. It’s recommended after 12 months of operation, to ensure you are maximizing the benefits.


Monitoring allows you to record and measure the benefits via GPS. This GPS monitor provides proof in a report form, an opportunity for your employees to participate in change management, and optimizes use of the equipment.

Replacement services

Replacement services allow you to sell your used equipment. With a high demand for secondhand Sleipners in the market, we are at your service.


Rent2Buy is a way to rent a Sleipner unit for 1-12 months before finally purchasing. Presently it is not available in every region and only applies to our large E-series units (120 tonness plus).