First Sleipner in Angola

Sleipner E120 unit has been taken in use in mine site of Sociede Mineira de Catoca Lda. in Angola.  The Sleipner Sytem was introduced to the mine site by Transorga Angola.

The need and benefits of Sleipner Transport System is clear on this mine where they need to transport excavators daily.  With help of Sleipner they can do easily even the shorter movements to get out of the blasting and also the longer transportations to change the location of the excavators. Sleipner System will make their mine site performance more efficiency and increases the productivity of the excavators.

The operators in Catoca were really eager to learn how to use Sleipner. People were also impressed how well Sleipner goes even in inclines. Sleipner will be in full use on Catoca, believes Sleipner training supervisor Ossi Kortesalmi.