Sleipner is working together with customers from many different fields to move heavy track equipment on site.

Their requirements cover general queries, as well as more specifically mining contracts, open mining, logistics, earth moving, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and logistics consultancy.

Maximum Performance at a Columbian Coal Mine

Sleipner Model E250

The mining operations in Columbia have a constant need to move excavators from one coal loading site to another. Thanks to its minimum dead heading time, the Sleipner system enabled huge improvements in production hours.

The increased production level resulted in a break-even period of a few days for the Sleipner E250 investment. In addition to other long-term cost savings, the selected Sleipner system also resulted in lower undercarriage maintenance and repair costs.

Increased Efficiency with Iron Ore in Australia

Sleipner Model E400

Australian weather conditions are very special and challenging due to the constant high temperatures. This mine used traditional traveling methods within its large geographical operations area. This resulted in long transition times and significant transition investments. With the E400 Sleipner system, the transitions that earlier took the whole working day are today operated within one hour – the saving nearly earns back a total shift.

The reduced traveling time also means improved excavator efficiency and more productive working time. The increased production and cost savings resulted in a break-even period of a couple of months for the Sleipner investment.

Flexible Production for Limestone Quarry in the UK

Sleipner Model E90

In this UK site, the production process meant constant mixing of material from different locations. The E90 Sleipner system made selective loading and accurate material separation possible. This resulted into a smaller loss percentage and significantly reduced phace-change time.

The Sleipner system had a positive impact on the productivity levels of the mine, as well as making the excavator transporting smooth and fast. The refueling could now also be done at the site workshop, which reduced the possibility of oil spills.

Maintenance Cost Reductions for a Finnish Nickel Mine

Sleipner Model E400

Arctic conditions and abrasive materials makes this case a special one. Here the E400 Sleipner system increased the undercarriage lifetime so significantly, that even after 19 000 operation hours the tracks are as good as new. In addition, the excavators’ maintenance is now done at the workshop instead of the pit. This improves the safety and quality of the maintenance and also protects the engine and hydraulic lines from harmful dust.

The Sleipner system stands for ecological values, since it minimizes the possibility of environmental accidents. A vital plus is in the arctic environment is the fact that Sleipner system enables fast transportation even on snow and during icy conditions.