The revolutionary Sleipner DB120 will improve you on-site mobility.

Fast loading, agile transporting, reliable braking, sufficient ground clearance, a new level of performance!


  1. Trailer bed1
  2. Goose neck2
  3. Brake surfaces3
  4. Tandem axle4
  5. Fifth wheel5
  6. Stairs and rails6

How does it work?

ADT powered hydraulics tilt the bed and a drill or dozer can be driven on the Sleipner DB120 in a matter of minutes. The bed is levelled to horizontal position and a transport is ready to go. Uphill performance with full load is 10 % in regular on-site conditions. Downhill transport is safe up to 14 %, thanks to the innovative brake system of the DB120. Brake surfaces at the tail of the trailer are lowered to touch the road and the ADT actually has to pull the trailer downhill.


Tilting trailer bed makes the loading and unloading processes safe and also serves as a reliable brake mechanism. Brake force is automatically controlled and no braking effort is required from the towing ADT. Pressure accumulators provide an emergency stop function. Wheel gauge of the DB120 offers incomparable safety and there is no risk of overturning even if wheels drop off of road. Rails and stairs ensure operators a safe passage to cabin.


The Sleipner DB120 trailer can operate in regular on-site conditions including upward slopes, descents and tight corners that have not been possible before. Big wheels provide ground clearance that enables the DB120 to be used in rough terrain. Using an articulated dump truck as towing vehicle provides unparalleled agility.

Key facts

  • Loading time for dozers is less than two minutes
  • Turning radius is only 11 meters
  • 600 mm ground clearance
  • Maximum payload is 120 tonnes
  • Suitable for all commonly used drills and dozers up to CAT D11T & Komatsu D475A and excavators up to 90 tonnes
  • Maximum towing speed on site conditions is 15 km/h with full load and 30km/h without load
  • Fifth wheel attachment is available for all commonly used ADTs.
Model Weight Max allowed payload Towing vehicle See It in action Brochure
DB120 56 120 tonnes Any 40 tonnes plus ADT Download