How to get more out of your mines.

Our vision is to revolutionize the transit of large track-based equipment.

Our mission is to save you time and money and improve the flexibility of your existing equipment.

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Simply phone +358 40 049 7674 or send an email to to set up a Benefit Max team to ensure you get the most out of Sleipner.

Setting up your Benefit Max team

This is the team that will eventually provide you with a final quotation. There will be representatives of both Sleipner Finland and our local dealer in the team so that all concerned are fully aware of what is required. We can then nominate a personal representative who will take care of the customer, and decisions can then be made as to how and where the equipment will be bought (in global and/or local terms). The team is there to address all the customer’s queries regarding details of the deal, such as purchase, delivery, training, after sales, references, extra services, and long-term collaboration.

Benefit Max means precisely identifying and quantifying the benefits that can be made with Sleipner. It is not just a quote for the price of equipment, but specifically details how and what can be saved with regard to specific operations. Only by first calculating and showing these benefits clearly, through close analysis of your present operations, can Sleipner give a realistic quotation.

Operation facts & figures

The facts and figures we need to accurately calculate possible benefits include: (i) where the customer operates, and under what conditions; (ii) how many pieces of equipment they are presently using; (iii) specifications of the equipment (e.g., type, age); (iii) hours the equipment spends in usage and transit; (iv) customer’s investment plans and future challenges; (v) people involved and the current organisation of resources; and (vi) safety measures, laws and regulations. In other words, we gather everything needed to calculate the benefits for a particular customer at each particular site of operation.

Benefit Identification & proposition

The benefits for the customer have now been identified, and are presented to them in written form. Sleipner then makes the proposition for striking a deal based on these calculations.


Once the deal is struck, and the equipment has been delivered, the customer will always receive the necessary operational training for the equipment on site to ensure that they receive all the services that will have been ordered as part and parcel of the deal. The customer must simply provide the time, a room for the training, and equipment (e.g., the relevant excavator) for this training to occur, as the training will be both hands-on and classroom-based.

Using Sleipner & monitoring the benefits

The customer now begins to use the Sleipner equipment independently as part of their operations, and the benefits are monitored as part of Sleipner’s guarantee of quality service.