Get more out of your mines.

When you buy a Sleipner product, not only will we give precise figures for how much you will benefit from it, but we can also discuss how it might solve any other operational or environmental issues previously encountered.


In 2012, a customer bought the E400 from Sleipner. We calculated that their excavator usually drives approx. 345km annually (6% of total working time). In the first year they had experienced the following returns for their investment.

Increased productivity and flexible use of existing equipment

They now had 486 more hours available for production elsewhere, and all with the existing resources.

Reduced operational costs

They had improved operations profitability by saving 70,700 liters of diesel during traveling.

Minimized travel time

The total amount of time their equipment had spent in transit was now only 37 hours.

Reduced maintenance costs

The amount of time spent on maintenance had fallen by 26%.

Improved operator satisfaction

The E400 was up and running within 4 months of the purchasing decision, and it fully paid for itself within 7 months.

Improved safety

Zero incidents were reported when using the straightforward Sleipner system.